The Entrepreneur Group helps entrepreneurs focus ideas into strategic business plans, and enterprises structure business initiatives into executable project plans.


The Entrepreneur Group invests in new and emerging companies and ideas, partnering with management, and adding value through experience-based advice and resources.


The Entrepreneur Group works with entrepreneurs and enterprises to focus on where they make their money, how to make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer.


Our consulting division works with entrepreneurs and enterprises to create winning business strategies, build effective organizations, improve operations, and deliver marketing & sales results for their digital businesses and initiatives.


Our interactive development division designs, develops and delivers online & mobile sites and applications to enhance an entrepreneurs efforts or assist enterprises with their digital media concepts, strategies, executions and launches.


Our private equity division secures, makes and manages small-to-large scale investments – as well as strategic partnerships and acquisitions – in new, emerging and established companies involved in high growth industries.


Our business planning professionals work with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into profitable companies, with emerging companies looking to grow, and with enterprises wanting to leverage their assets into rapidly growing businesses.

With Our Team of Professionals, We Can Turn Failure Into Success.

Entrepreneur Group has the resources and know-how to help your new or struggling project succeed.

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